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    SHEN ZHEN LEGE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd. Established on 2010, our company mainly produce multimedia speaker, bluetooth speaker, portable speaker,sound bar,2.0 usb speaker, all manufacturing is done import, with over 3 years of established processes and quality control. At present, Lege mainly work on product research and development, production, sales and service£¬and we are continuing to upgrade and expand our existing product line, and to add new products as new technologies become available.

    Lege has a separate wooden box workshop and speaker unit workshop, to ensure the accuracy and quality of wooden box. our own speaker workshop make products consistent with speaker researched by R£¦D department. Company pass through national 3C quality certificate in February 2015, Our staff understands the intensity of engineering support required in the initial stages of product design. We provide technical assistance at every stage of the selection and design process for all standard modules and for all customers designs.

    Lege, being positive practice of civil liability, has been committed to provide superior music experience for the customers and determined to provide the high-quality products and high-level enjoyment of life to consumers.

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